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Shelley - Teacher

"Michelle taught visual arts to my Kindergarten and grade 2 classes. I have also taken her adult printmaking and painting class.  Michelle approaches teaching art with enthusiasm, energy, and dedication!  She promotes confidence in her students and encourages everyone!  Her guidance is well delivered and received! I highly recommend children and adults to take an art class with her, you will love it!"

Artist in the Classroom

Art lessons for school boards and P.A day workshops for staff members.

Artists bring new and creative ideas to the classroom which benefits the students and the teachers involved.  Learn new techniques and the importance of the creative process from start to finish. 

Together, we will collaborate on the medium of art students will use and the learning outcome of the lesson based on the Ontario Arts Curriculum.

All lessons are guaranteed to be educational and FUN!

P.A Day workshops also available, please contact for more details.

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