Youth Classes 

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I have been creating and teaching art for many years to all ages and abilities across Ontario. 

I believe in artistic expression, sharing and inspiring people to create in a fun, and relaxing environment.  My classes consist of teaching techniques while allowing the student to enjoy creative freedom.  Join me in a fun, positive, engaging and inclusive environment. 


Class sizes are small (max of 8 students/session).  No refunds or returns on any classes. 

Classes are held in person at the Art Inspires Me Studio, 46 Harmer Drive, Newcastle Ontario.

Thurs., Sept. 15 -Oct. 13   (6-7 PM)  CLASS IS FULL!

Anime Comics (11-15 yrs) 5 wks.  

Learn how to draw anime/manga characters and other comic creations. Students will learn basic drawing techniques that will help them in creating characters using pencils, watercolours, markers, and pencil crayons.

$135.00 - all materials included!  

Fri., Sept. 16 - Oct. 14  (5:30-6:30 PM) CLASS IS FULL!

Art Exploration   (8-15 yrs)   5 wks.  

Every week students will explore the different mediums in art.  Through creative expression students will use watercolours, acrylic paints, pastels, clay and more in creating their art work.

$135.00 - all materials included!

Sat., Oct.. 15 - Nov. 12    (11-12:30 PM)

Mini Art Creations (9-15yrs) 5wks.

Everything is mini and cute!  Students will create mini 3 dimensional pieces of art, some examples are animals, scenes, characters, food, mini homes and more!

$140.00 - all materials included!  

Tues. Oct. 18 - Nov. 15   (6:30-8pm)

Claymation (9-15 yrs) 5 wks.   

Create your own storyboard and mini set using recyclable materials. Make your characters using plasticine to create your own claymation video.

$135.00 - all materials included!

On the last day of class students will keep their clay characters and sets.

The videos of students work will be emailed to parents account.

Fri., Oct. 21 - Nov. 18    (7 - 8 PM)

Graffiti Art  (10-15 yrs) 5 wks. 

Learn how to create graffiti style art.  Students will learn about typography, shapes, colours and stencils for their creations using paint, pencils, markers and more!

$135.00 - all materials included!  

Coming Spring 2023

Adult and Child   (7-15 yrs)   4 wks.  

Enjoy taking an art class with your loved one!  Every week we will explore the different mediums such as watercolours, acrylic paints, pastels, clay and more in creating art.

$180.00 - all materials included!

Coming Spring 2023

Teen Art Club  (11-15 yrs) 5 wks.  

Every week will be a different focus on different styles of art and what is popular at the moment. Some creations will include anime/comics, pop art, abstract, collage and more!

$135.00 - all materials included!  

Coming Spring 2023

Drawing & Painting (8-15 yrs) 5 wks.     

Basic introduction to drawing and painting, no previous experience required.  Students will learn about blending, colour theory, and composition while creating fun works of art.

$135.00 - all materials included

Coming Spring 2023

Sculpt and Create   (9-15yrs)   5 wks.  

Every week students will use different mediums to sculpt and create their 3 dimensional works of art.  Students will use clay, paper-mache, recycle materials, acrylic paints and more in creating their art.

$140.00 - all materials included!