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"Michelle's classes are the best place to begin or enhance your creativity.  Her openness allows me to create at my own pace and move in my own direction - demonstrating her ability to teach - she brings out the best in me and others.  I create art I never imagined, renewing my enjoyment of drawing and learning the additive task of printmaking.  After becoming my art teacher, she became a strong friend with whom groups of us go on art excursions.  Her influence strongly bleeds into areas of my life where I need it most by helping landscape my poetry.  We even created a hashtag just for her: michelleismyfavartteacher".



"One of the most inspirational instructors I have ever met!  Not too many instructors know how to find that something special within each student, and draw it out of them, without putting the same barriers on everyone.  Best way I can describe Michelle, is when everyone is going with the flow, she will be the one swimming upstream.  Nothing conventional about this one".



"My kids have had Michelle as an art instructor for 2 sessions now and she's such a delight!  Not only is she professional, shes kind, inspiring and extremely personable!  This is the first time my kids have been eager to go to any class of any sort because they simply adore Michelle!  So happy to have found her as I'll continue to enroll my kids in her claymation class!  She's simply the best!"



"Michelle is a fun and talented teacher, who approaches her work with energy , enthusiasm and skill.  I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle where she taught a beginners acrylic painting course in Oshawa.  I stayed with her for two additional courses because I had so much to learn from her and immensely enjoyed the classes.  Michelle paid close attention to each student, met us where we each were with skills, ideas and comfort.  With each class under her tutelage I gained confidence and skill.  And had lots of laughs!"

Cathy (Family Support Facilitator)


"I've taken a number of classes with Michelle because she's a great teacher. Her patience makes learning easier and she's a lot of fun to be around.  Her classes are like chips, you can't have just one!"



"Michelle taught visual arts to my Kindergarten and grade 2 classes. I have also taken her adult printmaking and painting class.  Michelle approaches teaching art with enthusiasm, energy, and dedication!  She promotes confidence in her students and encourages everyone!  Her guidance is well delivered and received! I highly recommend children and adults to take an art class with her, you will love it!"

Shelley -Teacher


"I took printmaking class with Michelle last year and had a blast!  Michelle was friendly, funny and approachable.  She is very artistic and enthusiastically shares her techniques.  Michelle explained the printmaking process with easy to follow steps.  Michelle consistently circulated the room.  I would definitely take another class with Michelle".

Christina -Teacher


"Michelle is a vibrant, energetic soul who has allowed me to get in touch with my inner artist.  She gave me the tools and confidence I needed to take what I learned home, so I could create works of art independently.  I couldn't have done that without her class.  I also had Michelle visit my classroom.  She taught my students about graffiti art and how to write their names in graffiti style.  The kids were engaged the whole time and produced amazing works.  They were so proud of the art they created.  I would highly recommend that adults and children alike take art classes with Michelle.  You won't regret it."

Lacee - Grade 3 teacher


"I took some courses with Michelle and learned a whole lot!  Take the class or sessions, you will not regret it.  She gives you the freedom to create and helps you along when you need it".


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